Sunday, August 15, 2004

Kevin Drum: Fallujah Redux & Whitman Sampler

Kevin Drum's been smoking hot over this past weekend. Currently, he leads us to this article:

Offensive resumes in Najaf, prompting desertions of Iraqi troops

Then, he does one better - how about a little GOP confirmation action? When's someone going to ask Mr. Christine Todd Whitman the tough question?

Here's an interesting little factoid. Reader Michael M. sends along the following audio clip from a Daily Show interview in January between Jon Stewart and former Bush EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman:

Jon Stewart: Do you know [John Kerry]? Have you met him at all?

Christine Whitman: Oh yeah, oh yeah....

Stewart: Nice fellow?

Whitman: Actually, my husband went through school with him, college, and served in Vietnam with him.

Stewart: You're kidding me!

Whitman: No, no, they spent Christmas on a Swift boat going up the river.
As Kevin notes: "I'm not sure this would really tell us anything new, but it would be sort of interesting to hear what John Whitman has to say about Kerry's service in Vietnam."

Can I get an "Amen, brother!" to that? Newark-Star Ledger? New York Times? LA Times? WaPo?