Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Education about the US Education System

I came across John Taylor Gatto a few years ago. At his site is a great multi-page history of the roots of the US education system. Since then a few more nails have been pounded into the coffin that holds the future of the minds of children, and perhaps the fate of freedom on the Happy Planet.

My kids were in "school" in the lates 70s and 80s into the mid 90s. If I had it to do over again I would "unschool" them. Use your Google muscles to check out "unschooling". And while you're there, check out the special logo Google has for the Athens Olympic Games. Google regularly does this. You can find the logo archive here.

What began my schooling rant? This:

Excerpt: "Is it just a simple response to comply with federal regulations or is it a synergetic graduation into the next phase of the police state? Government schools have long had the primary function of socialization into the post modern age of compliance, but now these seminaries of docility, have become direct agents of the gendarme entente."