Friday, August 13, 2004

Seeking Better Ways

Democracy 2.0: The Active Commons is one site I found today with people doing just that. The site appears rich in resources. I found this list energizing:

The 28 Foibles of Representative Government. Here's a sample (each list item is fleshed out at the above link)...

  1. Ideology Over Practicality
  2. Partisanship Over Practicality
  3. Gaming the Constitution
  4. Gaming the Constitution
  5. Elitist Dictatorial Behavior Between Elections
  6. Citizens Left Out of the Process
  7. Unabated Shameless Financial Corruption
  8. The Public Interest Be Damned
And so on... Have a look. It couldn't be any worse for you than walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror, crossing paths with a black cat, or voting for the lesser of "weevils". ;-)