Saturday, August 07, 2004

So Pitiful Sometimes

We've all witnessed it, where George Bush trots out there and says something, knowing full well it is a partial truth, if not an outright lie, with the intent that if he says it enough and repeats the lie with enough conviction, that we'll all fall for it. Yesterday was all about praising the 32,000 new jobs, even though he knows that 200,000 is what all of his own experts said was needed. And on the campaign trail he continues to tout his job growth even though he knows he will be in the red on jobs for his term, the first President since Hoover to be able to boast that. Shoot, and the jobs being created are paying less that the jobs being lost, probably a pretty good reason the economy is slowing down.

CNN is carrying yet one more instance of how the Bush lie works. This time it is about equal opportunity, quotas, and how Bush himself benefited from favoritism in getting into Yale. Well, Bush didn't really forget that, but to me it feels as if the irony of the fact that he's a legacy candidate into Yale seems to have flustered him so much that . . . well, this is how CNN puts it:

While Bush clearly stated his opposition to quotas, he also suggested that he was not opposed to affirmative action.

But he didn't explain what the distinction was.

"I support college affirmatively taking action to get more minorities in their school," Bush said as the audience laughed.
Is this merely a flip flop, or is it a case of a man who really can't think and then speak what he thinks in front of others?