Thursday, August 19, 2004

Another Sex Scandal From the Family Values Folks

Gee, who would'a thunk it? Except this time, it's the Bush campaign adviser in charge of reaching out to Catholics. Seems he was a bit, eh, frisky during his college professorial years:

(Bush campaign adviser Deal) Hudson cited "allegations from over a decade ago involving a female student at the college where I then taught." He was associate professor of philosophy at Fordham University in New York City from 1989 to 1995.

"The matter was satisfactorily resolved long ago," Hudson wrote without elaboration.

Asked about the matter, Fordham issued a statement saying that the institution looked into the matter after the student complained and that "the professor
later surrendered his tenure and left the university.

"Sexual harassment is not tolerated at Fordham University. ... It is especially disturbing in the context of a teacher-student relationship," the university statement said.
First off, what the fuck kind of name is "Deal Hudson"? I'll let you figure that one out all on your own.

Secondly, let's be quite honest here. There had to be some very serious allegations. No university professor gives up tenure and leaves a university environment without some really serious shit hanging over his head. "Tenure" is the holy grail in the world of academia.

What am I getting at here and why am I even bothering to post this story? To underscore the hypocrisy, of course.

  • Barak Obama's original GOP challenger, Jack Ryan, got caught with his deposition down. The "family values" guy apparently liked to have sex with his wife while swinging from a trapeze, with other people watching. He, of course, blamed everyone but himself. Alan Keyes hasn't had sex in 50 years, so this should be no problem for him as Ryan's GOP replacement on the Illinois ticket.

  • Professor Deal Hudson diddles with a coed, no one is saying what the real deal is, but Hudson resigns a tenured professorship. Goes on to chair the Bush advisory team on Catholic affairs. Blames everyone but himself and his own loose zipper when the cat springs from the bag. Presumably, will continue to spew his abstinence-based hate and rhetoric via his position as the publisher of the conservative Catholic rag, "Crisis". I'm guessing his wife bobbited him after the coed thing.

  • NJ Governor Jim McGreevey outs himself as a gay American, rather than submit to first degree blackmail. More than a little Republican influence is involved (this has yet to hit the press, but it will, and soon). Accepts full responsibility for his actions and resigns his governorship. Is told he should confine his further political actions to "gay circuit parties".

It seems odd to me that anyone operating in the GOP sphere of influence refuses to accept accountability for anything they do. Denial-based politics, I guess. At least in the military, there's a well defined bottom to the axiom, "shit rolls downhill" (see: England, Lynndie). But then again, the GOP has had such a stellar example to follow when it comes to blame acceptance.

The titular leader of the GOP, George W. Bush.

UPDATE, 8/21/04, 11:30AM: Jeanne over at Body and Soul has the full story of Deal Hudson. What a scumbag. Digby also has a nice sendup of this Bush/Cheney icon of religiosity. Apparently not only is Hudson a scumbag, he was a known scumbag.