Friday, August 27, 2004

If It's Friday, It Must Be Scandal Day

Buried late in the afternoon...

At the risk of pissing off any of our Jewish friends, Washington's kowtowing to Israel has to stop. This isn't a right or left issue. Democrat as well as Republican administrations are equally guilty. More than anything, it's truly a U.S. national security issue. Unless and until the U.S. patronage of Israel stops, the nonsense is going to continue. It's long past time for rational discourse on the issue, without those on "rational" side being branded as anti-semetic.

Either that, or admit Israel into the union.

FBI Probing Israeli Spy in Pentagon

And perhaps this story is surfacing now, because...

Former Texas Former Lt. Governor Ben Barnes spills the beans on the Fortunate Son.

It's been a hot Friday...and Atrios has been on fire all day. (Special props to rorschach at No Capital for keeping the discussion alive while blogger's been hosed this evening.)

Update, 11:45PM EDT: War and Piece has more...