Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Tom Brokaw Gets It Right

Rare is the time when I spare the media any of my bile, mostly because of the pandering way that BushCo has been covered over the past 4 or 5 months. In my opinion, there's absolutely no reason for any progressive to spare the media a large dose of invective for this extended lapse of editorial judgement. Our disdain for the media has become part of the hair shirt that we liberals wear most days. I think we all share the opinion that, for the most part, big media has been a willing accomplice to TeamWarCrime's actions since 9/11/01.

So, I feel it's important for me to note what might be a shift in the tectonic plates of media coverage. A lot of my bitching has been reserved for the cable news channels in particular (CNN, MSGOP, and Fox). Frankly, as a news junkie I just don't watch that much of the nightly half hour CBS / ABC / NBC network news anymore. Still, let's acknowledge that fully 3/4 (or more) of all Americans get their nightly national news dose from Rather, Jennings, and Brokaw.

Tonight, NBC news visibly shifted to negative Bush coverage (or as Eschaton reader aptly commented, "finally reporting the facts on the ground"). I watched the first 20 minutes (where most of the hard news happens), and was quite astounded. In the span of 20 minutes, Brokaw covered the following:

  • The release of the ISG report today
  • The debate last night - and footage of Cheney's lies about meeting Edwards (previously described on ASZ)
  • BushCo's bullshit "major policy speech" today that turned out to be a campaign stump speech was called just that - a campaign speech
  • The Afghan elections - bombings, Taliban, and warlords
  • Heavy handed GOP Gestapo tactics with protesters during any Bush Loyaltython (campaign speechs and the RNC)
  • - a Soros website, not the right-slanted Annenberg funded (even had a screenshot of
  • The expected skyrocketing of home heating prices this winter

Like I said, this was within the first 20 minutes. Brokaw was hitting on all 8 cylinders tonight. I heard a story the other day that both Brokaw and Jennings were fighting mad about the BushCo / Freeper hatchet treatment that Dan Rather had received for memogate (which still isn't completely played out, by the way). Maybe what I viewed tonight was a finally a first volley in actual truth telling.

Well done, NBC.

Update, 8:10PM: If you're so inclined, drop a nice note to Brokaw & Co. I spam all the news outlets regularly with diatribes, and I think it's just as important to let them know when I appreciate their work as when I detest it - .