Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ok, Cheney Lied

He didn't tell an anti-truth. He flat out lied. Or he's senile, take your pick. He did meet John Edwards before last night. But that's not the story I want you to hear.

Look at the banner in the photo.

I want every rabid fundie christian whackjob in the country to see this photo and the banner. Where did Luke and Darth meet? You've got it. National Prayer Breakfast.

God, Cheney's a liar (and s/he can take that anyway s/he wants).

Update, 1:05AM: And this from Kos:

Senator Edwards Escorted Elizabeth Dole When She Was Sworn In As North Carolina's Other Senator. Elizabeth Dole was sworn in as North Carolina's other senator on January 8, 2003. Gannet News Service wrote: "As per Senate tradition, Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., escorted her."

Dole Took The Senate Oath Administered By Vice President Dick Cheney. According to Gannet News Service: "[Dole] raised her right hand and took the oath administered by Vice President Dick Cheney, the Senate president." [Gannet News Service, 1/8/03]

Update, 11:35AM: From Judd Legum at American Center for Progress, here's a link to the National Prayer Breakfast video where Cheney first met John Edwards in 2001.

Update, 1:20PM: Apparently, instances of Cheney meeting Edwards prior to last night's debate are about as common as cantalopes falling off the back of an overloaded melon wagon. Mark Kraft at Insomnia has more.