Thursday, October 14, 2004

Of Folksingers, Activists, Storytellers and Kings

It was just a fluke while blogging around, or it was Ma Uni-verse singing to me, but I followed a link to this article from The Nation about Utah Phillips , (an anarchist prepares to vote for the first time...) I was bowled over. How had I missed him? I probably haven't mentioned, but among my jack-of-all-trades work experiences was manager of a branch of a large folk music store and school in suburban Chicago in the mid-70s. (I also taught guitar then) How had I missed him? So I looked around a bit more this morning. It seems the folks in the US Northwest know about him. The BC folks know about him. He did a project with Ani DiFranco on Righteous Babe Records, fergoodnessakes! I'd like to sit down and talk with him for a couple of hours, days. Wish I could get in the car today and head upstate to Nevada City.

Here's a bit of what I found:

A Short Jog Through A Long Memory

An Interview (Southern Cross Review - David Kupfer)

Same interview as above at The Progressive. Actually I think this is the entire interview and the one above is abridged.

I'm going to head off to Amazon to look for the CD now. ;-)