Saturday, October 02, 2004

No Do-Overs: The Letter

Liz over at Blondesense has a great idea - take your enthusiasm from Thursday night's debate, and turn it into action by way of contacting your local media and telling them what you think. We're going to take this one step further and save you the trouble of even writing the letter / email!

Just follow this link, pick your local publication (you have to put in your zip code first), then cut-and-paste this letter into the window:

Dear Editor,

In the debate this past Thursday night, George Bush asked America for a 'do-over'. What's a do-over? In sports, it means you missed the shot and you want another try. In politics, it means your decisions didn't quite work out as you planned.

America saw a sharp contrast between John Kerry and George Bush.

Senator Kerry showed strength, conviction, and a steady command of the facts. George Bush simply looked confused, distracted, and like he was replaying the same 5 or 10 talking points that his handlers had drilled into his head, over and over again.

Senator Kerry left no doubt that he is qualified and capable of leading the fight to hunt and kill terrorists - and where the terrorists actually live, not where they're flocking to. More than three years after 9/11/01, George Bush still can't articulate a clear plan to do this task. Where's Osama, Mr. Bush?

Senator Kerry offers true hope to the Iraqi people in the form of a true worldwide coalition of support, not the token contributions that George Bush cobbled together so as not to appear that the U.S. was going in alone.

In non-professional sports, a do-over is a "no harm, no foul type of thing". In politics, asking for a do-over after 1,060 American men and women have died and 7,032 have been seriously wounded for (pick your flip-flopping reason) is cause for ejection from the game.

On November 2, it's time for the referees of Washington politics, you and me, to whistle a permanent foul on George Bush and elect John Kerry the next President of the United States.

Of course, feel free to edit the above or write your own letter if this doesn't fit your personal style. This is a quick, painless way to counter the GOP spin that will certainly be coming from the Sunday morning talk shows tomorrow. I'm sure that George Bush and Karl Rove would like America to completely forget this past Thursday's debate. Let's do our part to remind America.

(And listen, I know the "kill the terrorists" crap in the letter doesn't sit well with many of the good folks that participate here at ASZ. But it's a necessary component of any attempt to convince Ma and Pa Trailerpark that John Kerry will be tough in the War on Terra™.)