Friday, October 08, 2004

I am not scared

Perhaps for the first time this election season, I am not scared. The polling trends are headed the right direction, and the pundits are building Mr. Bush up for tonight. He can't possibily reach where he needs to, and the likely outcome here is yet another bounce for Kerry.

Then I read a piece today by a woman named Cary Eldred. It purportedly reveals the candidates' characters.

I am a veteran of sparring with folks, of making them look bad using facts, sarcasm, disdain, and even "fightin' words." But I can think of no oneliner to encompass my feelings about her article. I'm nearly speechless.

So, in these hours before the debate, why don't you folks have a go. A oneliner that accounts for this woman's opinion. I'll give a try first:

Perhaps Mrs. Aldred is the reason for the kool-aid shortage in Virginia.

No, that doesn't quite cut it. Perhaps I don't have the fear of four more wars with Dubya anymore and my creative juices just aren't rising to the occasion. Or perhaps Cary Aldred comes from such a different planet that there ARE no words to describe her essay?