Friday, October 01, 2004

Goodbye for the weekend

I am flying to Chicago to watch the glorious Philadelphia Eagles conquer da Bears! Perhaps you will see me on TV. Our tickets are in the left side of the North endzone in the FIRST ROW! So, if Owens catchs a TD and hands the ball to a lovely woman in a David Akers (2) jersey, I'm the silver haired guy next to her. The weekend starts with officially getting engaged (the ring sits in front of me as I type) and I expect to get drinks bought for me from Eagles fans all over Chicago.

Back to the topic. I hunted for anyone outside the Blogoshpere who got the "leash" reference by Bush. I found almost nobody. Perhaps the Daily Show? Or perhaps everyone is being "tasteful" in not making fun of Chimpy McTorture? I did find this transcript of Bush's performance.
(Just repeat 34 times in a row for full 90-minute performance.)

PRESIDENT BUSH: It's hard work for our troops whippin' those nook-ewelerre moolahs. It was hard work loving her Mexican messages, strong and resolute. Being steadfast is hard work strong...strong...strong.

The world will not be safer because of my opponent's Mexican messages. And I would like to give a shout out to my good buddy, President Elmer Poutine of Poland. You forgot about Poland! You can't forget about Poland!

Smirk, blink, wince. Smirk, blink, wince. Smirk, blink, wince. How dare he criticize the commander-in-chief. He looks orange, like a Mexican.

Can I respond to that? Thank's...tough. Hard work. Hard, hard work. I watch TV. I know how hard it is. I have a plan for Iraq. It's hard work. And Poland. Hard working Poland will help to make things better. Things are getting better. Peace in the valley. Coming up with new ways to bamboozle the American electorate is hard work. Right Karl?

Thank you. Have to go leash my daughters.