Monday, October 11, 2004

Freeway Free Speech Day

Just in case you've missed the announcement last week, has organized "Freeway Free Speech Day - Driving America to Think". FB's gained some notoriety in Southern California with his guerilla tactic of posting temporary anti-Bush signage in highly traveled locales. Sure, local authorities and property owners typically take the signs down in a matter of hours -- but by that time, the message has reached many, many people.

If you're unfamiliar with the Freeway Blogger's work, by all means click through to The bottom line is: all you need is a piece of cardboard, a can of paint, and a short message to make a difference.

Fresh out of snappy phrases for your own signs? Check out the examples on - or what the heck - post some original, short ideas of your own in the comments below. I'm working on a couple to go up on high traffic roads in my neck of the woods under the cover of early morning darkness on Wednesday. Join hundreds of your fellow patriots around the country, and paint a sign this evening!