Sunday, October 10, 2004

Employee Evaluations & Justice Not Served

Roy Edroso gets the performance evaluation angle about right.

And South Knox Bubba gets the "no justice" angle exactly right:

only in America can a harmless homemaker/cooking show host be cooling her jets in Federal prison for fibbing about a crime she did not commit and was never charged with while the President of the United States can stand before the people and lie about the economy, taxes, the deficit, and the reasons for taking us into a war that has cost the lives of over 1000 American soldiers, countless civilian lives, and hundreds of billions of dollars.

Only in America can Martha Stewart sit in prison while Ashcroft gets away with shredding the Constitution and Rumsfeld presides over the torture and murder of prisoners of war in violation of international law while Bush pats them on the back for a job well done and nearly half the people in America agree and think this crew ought to be allowed to stay in the White House instead of being sent to jail. Go figure.
While I'm shedding no tears for dear Martha, I'm also hopeful that President Kerry will do what Bush won't do - agree to join the International Court at the Hague - and get Bush, Cheney, et.ux. frogmarched before the bench, stat. No pardons.