Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bubble Administration

Frank Rich opines that Bubble Boy sets the tone for the whole of BushCo - it's not just the Bubble Boy himself, it's the entire damned administration that's living in a bubble. And it starts with James "Election Thief" Baker:

Why Did James Baker Turn Bush Into Nixon?

...But those who live by Fox News can die by Fox News. If you limit your diet to Fox and its talk-radio and blogging satellites, you may think that the only pressing non-Laci Peterson, non-Kobe, non-hurricane stories are 'Rathergate' and the antics of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Your diet of bad news from Iraq is restricted, and Abu Ghraib becomes an over-the-top frat hazing. You are certain that John Kerry can't score in the debates because everyone knows he's an overtanned, overmanicured metrosexual. You reside in such an isolated echo chamber that you aren't aware that even the third-rated network news broadcast, that anchored by the boogeyman Dan Rather, draws 50 percent more viewers on a bad night than 'The O'Reilly Factor' does on a great one (the Bush interview).

Eventually you become a prisoner of your own fiction and lose touch with reality...
An excellent primer for the debate tomorrow night.

And hey, what's up with this headline?

Bush taunts Kerry, tests debate lines

"Taunting" is something a gradeschool bully does to other kids to make himself feel like a big man. Is Bubble Boy making up for shortcomings in other, ahem, areas?

To coin a sports metaphor, this is bulletin board material. I'm thinking Bush is going to have his ass handed to him by John Kerry on Wednesday evening. I get the impression that Senator Kerry doesn't take too well to taunting bullies throwing bricks and then hiding behind the media skirts.