Saturday, October 16, 2004

The ASZ Wayback Machine

What's a "wayback machine"? No, propeller heads, it's not the web wayback machine that will retrieve cached web pages at any point in a page history. We're talking Mr. Peabody and Sherman here.

ASZ's been around for awhile now. Doc, Kate, and I were writing some hella good stuff before anyone started showing up. We tried to continue this trend even after people started showing up. There's been a lot of political water that's flowed under the bridge in the past year, and goodness knows everyone can only absorb so much - with each new newscycle, some of the old stuff has to leak out of our brains.

What we'd like to do is refresh everyone's memory -- kind of rewind the tape from this year. Before the vast majority of Americans really tuned into the election process (I'd say right around the time of the DNC convention in Boston), there was a lot of nasty political stuff going on that was mostly flying below the radar of all but the most tuned in political junkie.

BushCo would obviously like to erase the tape. But we're not going to let them. Over the next two weeks, the contributors at ASZ are going to ressurect some issues, people, events and quotes via blogpostings we each made earlier this year. Think of it as a "Best of ASZ" retrospective. More than that, it's important to understand how far we've come as a nation in the last 12 months in shaking off the effects of the post-9/11 koolaid. We believe that many of the postings are a "snapshot in time" into the true soul and nature of the Bush administration.

All "ASZ Wayback Machine" postings will be prefaced with WAYBACK MACHINE: [topic] in the title, so you know we're not talking about current events.