Saturday, October 09, 2004

America 3, Bush 0

Once again, Forrest @ American Bodhisattva compiles debate polling results from around the globe. While I think we're all mostly in agreement that Bush was better in the second debate than the first (the format alone certainly more played to his strengths), Senator Kerry again kicked some serious butt.

If you haven't voted in the online polls, follow the links from Forrest's site. Even though the polls may be somewhat "freeped", even freeping doesn't account for the generally wide margins. I'm also truly beginning to believe that silly insta-polling results like we're seeing have had a net positive effect on how the media has covered both the Kerry and Bush campaigns over the past two weeks.

Now, if only we could freep the voting that counts on November 2nd, Laura would be holding a moving out yardsale at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. sometime in late November or early December.