Thursday, October 07, 2004


(Sorry for the big photo, but you have to be able to read it, don't you?)

I stumbled upon Minnesota's own version of Katherine Harris at General J. C. Christian's blog, and he discusses her in extreme detail. I'm mostly interested in this poster that is going up at all the polling places in Minnesota. Choplogicrock (aka JasonC), whoever that is, provided us with the poster, and he's got some pretty funny takes on it. I love his discussion of the poster's warning about funny smells indicating the presence of potential terrorists. Yes, the smell of newly mown grass. As JasonC notes, "terrorists mow their lawn a lot, I guess." Also note the prohibition of lowriders on the notice.

Choplogicrock photoshopped that picture of the poster, and it is VERY funny! I hope you all go over and check it out.

OK, it's funny if it weren't a bit true. For instance, the wearing of a Kerry button CAN get you in trouble nowadays. . .