Thursday, April 29, 2004

What Bush Surge?

I'd really like what other people think about this. I'm not confident in what the "average voter" thinks, since I'm neither average, nor a regular voter. (I'm fond of the None of the Above option on ballots)

Read this and see what you think? Think Again: What Bush Surge?"

Excerpt: "'Fox News' Brit Hume looked at the polling data and announced Bush was "on the rebound." He wasn't alone. "Bad News Just Rolls Off Bush," read a headline for a Kansas City Star column that announced Bush has "become a president with a sheen of Ronald Reagan Teflon." A similar Detroit News column declared, "Pundits bang away at George W. Bush, but he's weathering storm," and added, "The more barbs the president suffers, the more confidence he gains with potential voters. Bush's standing with likely voters improved, and his overall standing with Americans has solidly rebounded."

I'm frankly loathe to understand why the 'Lil Smirk' is still getting popular support. But I know I'm not the normal person who responds to polls.

Read the article, and let me know. I need your take on it.