Monday, April 05, 2004

Newest fictional dirt about Kerry

Note that this is only found on NewsMax, the conservative gossip rag of record, beloved by conspiracy theorists and neo-con tools nationwide:
B.G. Burkett: Navy Commanders to Cast Doubt on Kerry's War Record

Several Navy officers who supervised Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry when he commanded a swift boat in Vietnam are preparing to publicly question his war record - including the circumstances under which he was awarded three Purple Hearts - a noted Vietnam War historian revealed on Sunday. Not fit for wiping spit.
Any time an article is tested out on Newsmax or on Drudge we get a view to the dirtiest level of Republican smear. This time they dug up a guy who is simply a dirtball. Here's the view of Shelby L. Stanton:
The great irony of this traitorous book written by the treasonous villain Burkett is that he pretends to uphold the honor of Vietnam veterans. Is this why my serve is ridiculed? Burkett received the Army's highest decoration for civilian service for spitting on a Vietnam veteran. Then he stated that the Vietnam veteran was the finest this country ever produced. Ever heard of our Revolutionary War heroes who starved and froze at Valley Forge? Ever heard of the relentless Union soldiers at Cold Harbor? Ever heard of the brave US infantrymen in Western Europe or the gallant Marines at Peleliu? Ever considered the determined fighters in Korea? No, Burkett compares himself as a rear-echelon "Palace Guard" as better than any of those men -- he is part of the "finest". I have never been spit on by a hippie but I have certainly been spit on in a literary context by a fellow Vietnam veteran. Stanton's Amazon reviewStanton is no liberal with a need to defend Kerry. He spoke out about Burkett's book in 1999 because it was shoddy and a cheap shot against real war heros. It's easy finding people to absolutely excoriate Burkett's book.

What is interesting is the slime at the bottle of the cesspool. These are typical Republican bottom feeders trying to find a real story, but settling for lies. And while I don't expect to make it past Newsmax into some sort of Purple Heart Gate, I do expect us to run across this sort of slime several more times before the election.

Remember to floss.