Saturday, April 17, 2004

Drawing Lines in the Sand -- with Bulldozers

Taking a cue from Israel, the US Marines in Fallujah build their own "wall" around the Sunni Triangle city ... just for crowd control, ya see. Yep. That's the ticket, crowd control. And if that is insufficient, there's still heavy air cover, eh?

Firing Up New Weapon in Fallouja

When my kids were still kids we'd spend hours building castles in the sand on Huntington Beach ... Even they "get" that the berm around the Iraq city is not quite the same "fun". But here's a cool prize winner in the beach variety of castle-building. I was going to embed it, but it's big... so go have a look if you like.

Cool Sand Castles
Actually, has many, many wonderful photos. Have fun.

And while I'm doing the Tangential Tango, does anyone remember the name of the builder guys on Jim Henson's show Fraggle Rock? I loved that show. Something else wonderful about all those years with my "kids" (now almost 27 and almost 32). Wow, I just remembered their name!! Tangents are cool. Even when I can't consciously draw the connection, my mind does. So, now it's a contest ... what was the name of the builder guys on Fraggle? No fair Googling or any other search engine. Go.

Time, time, time, see what's become of me?" Tempus fugit! All of this conjures up yet another tangent or two I'll save for another thread.