Monday, April 26, 2004

Back from a little Rest and Relaxation

Kate has certainly filled the role nicely here at the allspinzone while Richard and I were gone. I'm back, but it might take a few moments to get my spinning skills up to speed. As you'll note in the above picture, this liberal commie pinko went incognito while in the Bahamas. I'll leave it to you folks to guess which beach towell is mine.

To be serious, I returned to hear of the death of Pat Tillman on the front lines in Afghanistan, and I cannot express my sadness more. While I may criticize the actions and strategies of the Bush Administration, I cannot bring myself to criticize a man who gave up a lucrative career in order to fight for what he thought was the best for his country.

Former Arizona Cardinals safety Pat Tillman, who gave up a $3.6 million sports contract to join the military's elite special forces, was killed in a sustained firefight involving 15-20 insurgents in Afghanistan, the U.S. military said on April 24. Tillman, shown in June 2003, enlisted with his brother, Kevin, in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks.
There are many kinds of patriotism. I consider myself a patriot, and show that in small ways while lounging, but also in more concrete ways by commenting on the political and war situations brought to us by BushCorp. Pat Tillman demonstrates his patriotism by stepping up to help in the real fight against terrorism in Afghanistan.

I'll predict here that Mr. Tillman shows up in a George Bush commercial around the beginning of the NFL season, and the NFL will pitch in with the Bush campaign to trivialize his death by exploiting it. Look for the 40 yard line in stadiums to change in his honor. And, of course, the White House has already weighed in through spokesperson Taylor Gross::
"Pat Tillman was an inspiration both on and off the football field. As with all who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the war on terror, his family is in the thoughts and prayers of President and Mrs. Bush."
God Bless Pat Tillman. Please Mr. Bush, do not disrespect this man by exploiting him in your campaign.