Friday, April 23, 2004

Just Another Freaky Friday

And Richard left me the keys to the T-bird while he and his family AND the Spin Dentist have a little R & R. So I got to wondering ... how can I take care of said T-bird and still be li'l old me?

The big bruhaha about the Dover AFB photos has not left my mind much in the last few days. The media says that the White House and the Pentagon are not amused. The Pentagon says families of KIA G.I.s are unhappy. Those concerned about the restrictions on the First Amendment are hollaring just as loudly. My mind boggles at the low-flying spinners all around. In the end, before each of us hit the pillow tonight or tomorrow or the next or next, each of us thinking, feeling mammals can choose to decide or not. I present some varied links... myriad choices.

Pentagon Families Want Photo Ban

There Is No War. There Are No Dead Americans

From today's NYT, mirrored at TruthOut
Pentagon Ban on Pictures of Dead Troops Is Broken

Pentagon Miffed at the USAF
Photos Released in Error

And just for "fun" (wink, wink):
Students for an Orwellian Society

My Jay and Boo Tribute Quote for the night (my kids, now grown, deciding for themselves) is from Weird Al Yankovic:

Everything you know is wrong
Black is white, up is down and short is long
And everything you thought was just so
Important doesn't matter

Everything you know is wrong
Just forget the words and sing along
All you need to understand is
Everything you know is wrong