Wednesday, April 07, 2004

GOP PAC scandals

Well, that isn't quite right. By PAC rules, there are no rules on what a PAC spends its money on, but when the PAC specifically says what it intends. . .
When Rep. Henry Bonilla (R-Tex.) took charge of an independent political fund called American Dream PAC in 1999, he made clear that its mission was "to give significant, direct financial assistance to first-rate minority GOP candidates."Republicans supporting minority candidates? As a Democrat I am sorely tempted to make a crack here, but they've had a few. J. C. Watts is one, and I usually refrain from criticizing former University of Oklahoma quarterbacks. Too bad both he and Jack Mildren turned out to be Republicans, though. But back to the subject at hand. Hardly any money got to GOP minority candidates.
Since then, only $48,750 -- or 8.9 percent -- of the $547,000 the southwest Texas congressman has raised for his political action committee has gone to minority office-seekers while more than $100,000 has been routed to Republican Party organizations or causes, including a GOP redistricting effort in Texas, a legal defense fund for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (Tex.) and Bonilla's reelection campaign. Most of the remainder of the money went to legal fees, fundraisers in Miami and other cities, airline tickets, hotels, catering services, consultants and salaries. The whole shameless storyI love that the funds went into a legal defense fund for Tom DeLay. He's going to need it, what with his charity supposedly benefiting kids that hasn't donated a dime to them yet but has paid for parties for BIG donors to Bushie supporters. DeLay's shameless scheme

These Republicans have been complaining about, yet here we have two scandals that are shameless exploitations of minorities and kids. At least is up front with its politics.

Spit three times and turn in a circle. Rinse.