Thursday, April 29, 2004

I Can See the World Tonight

Blumenthal on Bush and the difference between Iraq and a hard place...

Pulp Fictions Triumph over Truth

Excerpt: "Perhaps the most important divide in the presidential campaign is between fact and fiction. There are, of course, other sharp distinctions based on region and religiosity, guns and gays, abstinence and abortion. But were the election to be decided on domestic concerns alone, George Bush would be near certain to join the ranks of one-term presidents - like his father after the aura of the Gulf war evaporated."

And Sir Paul McCartney sings:
"I heard you listening to a secret conversation.
You were crying, you were trying not to let them hear you
I heard you listening in

Never mind what they wanna do
You've got a right to your point of view
It doesn't matter what they say
They're giving the game away - hey - hey.

I can see the world tonight
Look into the future
See it in a different light
I can see the world tonight."

"The World Tonight" is off the "Souvenir" CD.

I've been trying to measure when the politicians started what looked like purposeful "giving the game away". Certainly all the signs were there in the last 30 or 40 years, but the audaciousness only began in 2000, it seems to me. They are obvious and arrogant every step of the way. It's like they're giving a double-dog dare ... "Stop us, or shut up."

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