Wednesday, April 28, 2004

How I came to the Allspinzone

See that link over there on the left that says "Politically Speaking?" It is about the oddest place in cyberspace to find political debate. Some of you will have clicked and found -- SURPRISE! -- it is the Philadelphia Eagles' Message Board. It's a long, long story about how they established a forum for political debate there, but there is some merit to a forum where real debate happens between people with divergent opinions. Also, it is a "members only" place, so unlike America these days, there is at least one common bond between the players in the political brawl that is "Politically Speaking" -- they are all Eagles fans.

Anyway, Richard invited me here because he's witnessed my work sparring with Limbaugh wannabes. The confrontation with folks, mostly men, who believe Sciafe-based propaganda such as that Hillary Clinton is a serial murderer can be lots of fun, and I'm proud that the Bushites on that forum revile me almost as much as they do my good friend Toaster.

Here's a sample. Today a newbie to the forum had the stupidity to react to the L. A. Times hiring of Michael Kinsley to head up the Editorial and Opinion section with this:
Life-long, hardcore liberal, formerly left host of Hardball and former editor of Slate Magazine named to head editorial section of La Times...hmmm...that's fair.
Yeah, some of the conservatives on that forum have no clue about how journalism works. And it is my lot in life to keep them in their places. (Where's a halo when you need one?) Still, I'd like to tout the place. Mostly good people there, except when the rabid Bushies start talking about torturing prisoners being OK, or when the rabid anti-choice people accuse their opponents of wishing to kill all children. I recommend it to those who read this space regularly and are in need of some political sparring.

That's all for today. Just a little glimpse into an oddity of the political part of the web. And now, back to the PEMB. Tallyho!