Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Credibility Gap

I don't normally steal ideas or stories from other blogs, but this keeper from Atrios was too good to pass up. Ted Kennedy may be the best friend John Kerry can find. What's the over/under on Rove, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of BushCo) kicking up some Chappaquidick spray?

In a takeoff on the theme shown at the top of this blog, from Reuters:
...He also accused the administration of having knowingly sold an unsound tax-cutting economic plan that resulted in the loss of millions of jobs, a faulty Medicare prescription drug law that will cost far more than it acknowledged when the measure won final congressional passage late last year and an education program that Kennedy said Bush has refused to adequately fund.

..."They repeatedly invent 'facts' to support their preconceived agenda -- facts which administration officials knew or should have known were not true," Kennedy said.

..."Iraq. Jobs. Medicare. Schools," Kennedy said. "Issue after issue. Mislead. Deceive. Make up the needed facts. Smear the character of any critic."

..."It is undermining our national security, undermining our economy, undermining our health care ... undermining our very democracy," Kennedy said. "We need change. November can't come soon enough."
Teddy to monkey boy: "I just calls 'em as I sees 'em. Now, pour me another single malt, neat."

If Kerry ascends the mountain, it will be because Ted Kennedy carried him at least part of the way over the roughest terrain.