Thursday, April 15, 2004

Protests at Kerry speech in Harlem

One retired professor got up and protested loudly Mr. Kerry's support of the war in Iraq and nis not calling for the troops to come home.
During a question-and-answer session with the audience, retired college professor Walter Daum angrily accused Kerry of backing an imperialist policy in Iraq and called on the candidate to demand the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops.

"You voted for this," Daum shouted. As he spoke, a group stood silently and unfurled a large sign that read, "Kerry take a stand: Troops out now."

"You're not listening," an exasperated Kerry said at one point.

Later, speaking with reporters, Kerry dismissed the notion of withdrawing American forces and indicated that if U.S. generals and other senior officials say they need more troops, he would back such a move. Bush at his news conference Tuesday night said he would support an increase in the military presence in Iraq. The whole story on APNews

Is this shocking?

1. Well, certainly the mainstream press doesn't feature Mr. Kerry's views on the war, that he stands for completing it with honor and not abandoning the situation in midstream. This shows Kerry's stance pretty clearly.

2. We have a tendency in this society in recent years to label folks as "those liberals" and "those conservatives." Here we have a liberal Democrat, presumably, taking his own candidate to task. There is a real spread of opinion in the Democratic Party, and we're just not afraid of that diversity. Such criticism, were it to happen in the Republican Party, would make news, I'm sure, as someone there breaking the lockstep is noticed immediately.

3. Of course it wouldn't happen. At a Bush rally the guy would have been arrested.
Another article on the conviction of Brett Bursey I am proud of the way Kerry handles hecklers. I wish my President allowed free speech in this country to come within half a mile of him. Perhaps that's the problem. Sycophants give you what you want to hear, and Shrub has got only sycophants to listen to.

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