Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Where does the Buck stop in the Bush Administration?

I wrote this on one of those links to the left there -- Politically Speaking is the link Politically Speaking, an odd place to talk about politics. Readers will have to register at that site, and the folks there are busy celetrating Mr. Owens and his skills catching the football, but sometimes debate gets lively.

WMDs were clearly the strongest reason given for invading Iraq. We don't find them. Mr. Bush comes out and apologizes to the American people. No, not quite. The blame is passed around, history is fudged concerning what the Administration did say, EVEN THOUGH IT'S ON TAPE! Where does the buck stop? Nowhere near Bush.

The secondary reason for invading was that tie between Al Qaeda and Saddam, a tie the Defense Department says was minimal if it was there at all. Was that bad intelligence? Well, the buck certainly doesn't stop on Bush's desk. Where?

What about the Plame affair? If honest and serving our interests the Bush Administration should have caught the traitor and passed him/her/them over to the DOJ for trial. They've decided instead to sit and hope the prosecutor doesn't find anyone close to the President. But surely the buck doesn't stop there. Where does it stop?

We find that estimates of the Prescription drug program were held back, billions of dollars worth of difference there. Well, the analyst was told not to release the information until after the vote. Who told him? Where does the buck stop on this issue, where Mr. Bush was pandering to a class of people, the elderly, who always come out to vote? Where does the buck stop?

Are we ever getting a jobs recovery? It appears Bush can't get an undersecretary of Labor hired -- all his friends have probably outsourced to India or China. The last nominee had, so he backed out. Where did the buck stop that time? Umm, er. . . not in the Oval office.

I'll take Mr. Truman's moral character anytime over Bush. Yeah, and he was a Democrat. Shoot, I'll take Willie Sutton over Bush. At least he admitted to why he robbed banks. That's where the money is. What an honest crook!

What I didn't say is that mostly the Bush Administration tries to blame its deficiencies on Kerry. Tonight's Bush Ad unveiling blamed Kerry for not providing kevlar vests to the soldiers in Iraq, knowing full well that Mr. Kerry has voted for some defense bills and against others. That's how the process works in Washington. If the bill isn't right you vote against it until you like it. Nevermind that Bush is the President, and they are his soldiers who weren't supported. Seven VA hospitals have closed on HIS watch.