Sunday, March 21, 2004

Bush's Florida Campaign kickoff

I learned a little by following the coverage. Lynn Swan is the Chair of the President's Council on Physical Fitness. I hadn't known that before. Another good reason to hate the Steelers. (Not hard to do, being raised a Browns fan and all.)

The campaign kickoff was held in the Orlando Convention Center. I guess it was invitation only, because a couple folks got escorted out. Maybe this is an example of the Bush gang and their love for American ideals like freedom of speech. . . Florida Today

Protesters ejected.Just before the president arrived, three college-age men right in front of the media stands broke out an anti-Bush sign and began chanting "No more Bush!"

They were quickly surrounded by angry Bush supporters yelling "Four more years" and waving four fingers in the young men's faces.

Security quickly escorted the trio from the building. Secret Service agents and Orange County deputies than stationed themselves in front of the platform.

The timing of the protest suggests music education isn't what it used to be. The song that made the men break out their sign was "Stars and Stripes Forever." A few minutes later, when Bush made his entrance, "Hail to the Chief" blasted from the loudspeakers.

The Free Speech Zone was down the block and around the corner, far enough away that the press was sure to only see Bush/Cheney signs.

I'm unsure, though, why the young men were escorted out. Was the event only for Bush supporters? Do the Sercret Service think people voicing their opinion are dangerous? The appearance is that Bush is afraid of his critics. Contrast that with Kerry talking with his hecklers, hearing them out, responding. The Kerry campaign would be wise to continue that.