Sunday, March 14, 2004

Welcome to the All Spin Zone!

Updated 2/23/05

There's hundreds, nay thousands, nay hundreds of thousands of political blogs and message boards up and running. We visit many of them on an infrequent basis. Some reflect our own thoughts, some we read simply to see what the other side is thinking or, on occasion, to calibrate our own personal views.

What most of these blogs and message boards lack is a unilateral way to force our (sometimes twisted) views on you -- kind of like George Bush's unilateral action in Iraq, if you want to look at it that way.

Here's a little background on the principal nom de plume's who inhabit ASZ's scrap of the blogosphere. Though we're geographically spread through all four continental U.S. time zones, ASZ is based in the Philadelphia metro area:

Richard Cranium is the blogmaster of ASZ. He's a Vietnam-era veteran who is blessed (or cursed, depending on your view) with what he describes as "a finely tuned bullshit detector". Past and present lives include writing for a major metro newspaper, shipping porn, punching holes in the ocean, and managing a large innercity food bank.

is the calming influence of the group. Except that he can go MIRV when Code Brown's are issued. "Doc" mines the depths of the World Wide Web for the exotic neoconservative claptrap, and takes great pleasure in debunking bushshit with facts. Doc's the academic among us.

Kate Storm
has a way of framing world events in literary metaphors. She's easily the most well-read of the ASZ cabal, is probably French, and grills a nice salmon. She has Koi in a pond in her yard. That should tell you all you need to know. Her left coast "take" on the speciousness of the art of war will make you think.

Forrest hangs with us on occasion. He's a university student on the West Coast, still wet behind the ears compared to the other geezers on ASZ. But he brings a progressive Christian view and wisdom to ASZ that belies his youth. Besides contributing to ASZ, Forrest is also the blogmaster of American Bodhisattva.

sukabi is ASZ's red state 'mole'. Her ability to find the obscure, hidden agendas of the neocon administration is legendary, from her earlier posting life on Whiskey Bar to Moon Of Alabama, and now on ASZ. She's also a bit of a geek (like Richard) who likes to play with code.

We're all refugees, ex-pats, and contributors from other political blogs and message boards, so we've been doing this kind of thing for awhile. Bottom line: a small group of progressive political junkies created this blog to give you our spin on the spin. Though Richard's kind of the technical weenie (and original instigator) behind ASZ, the blog is run by committee.

Let's be quite clear about something. What you find here is worth exactly what you paid for it, and we encourage you to form your own opinions based on the links and stories provided. We claim no particular expertise or education in any topic on which we comment. For all you know, we're all 8th grade dropouts who have spent their entire life cleaning horse stables. Which is probably closer to the truth than you know.

So, put a new set of Energizers in your bullshit detector, and prepare to enter...

The All Spin Zone.