Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I love hanging around the blogosphere, I really do. You find some treasures on occasion that just absolutely resonate and scream THIS PERSON REALLY NAILED IT!!! One of those moments of clarity jumped out of my monitor tonight as I was doing some light reading at Whiskey Bar. I won't even bother to set this up for you, since I trust you'll know inherently what the writer is talking about:
The writer's Premise: Spain is Spain. Restated. Spain is Spain. Once again. Spain is Spain.

That Is. The small percent of the Spanish electorate who changed their votes did it for reasons only they know. Apparently, the dominate reason was a domestic Spanish one: The outgoing Fearless Leader lied like a rug to blame his favorite demon, ETA, for the slaughter, when it was apparent jihadist were involved. This disgusted and outraged many Spanish voters, who voted accordingly.

Al Quaeda grand strategic calculations did not control this outcome. Spanish fearless leader bullshit did.

The Spanish people supported the war against Al Quaeda.

The Spanish people did not support the American war against Iraq.

The newly elected leader was against the war with Iraq.

It serves the purposes of those with AMerican Federal STate power to twist the facts, and make the propaganda claim that the Spanish domestic vote was about giving in, responding to, Al Quaeda. This propaganda is predictable.

I've never been much of a fan of the word "propaganda". Maybe that's because I lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis, and grew up during the cold war in a location surrounded by Nike missile silos. I associate "propaganda" with doddering old men in the Kremlin drinking vodka with the left hand, while their right hand rested on the button. Maybe that's why I like the term "spin" so much better. But I digress.

The events of the last 7 days in Spain are quite mind boggling. Even more so if you try to view them in an American political context. The neocon slant since Monday has been, "Spain capitulated, Osama won."

Bologna. The writer of the piece above nailed it - a lying weasel trying to cover his own political ass lost. It's no more or less than that.

Brilliant. So, when do Americans "get it"?