Saturday, March 20, 2004


Sometimes the Drudge Report just slays me. Sure, he a purveyor of rumor and all, but once in a while he's got a headline that zings. The Drudge Report "The Passion of the Christ,' which O'Reilly among others is considering the best seller of all-time, is slowing down to just $5MM a week at the Box Office. It'll sell huge on DVD as well, but the controversy is over. It just wasn't much of a ripple on the American landscape after all. The movie will likely not become an all-time classic, and will be forgotten eventually.

Is there a positive about Drudge's site? Perhaps he has paved the way for alternative sorts of news coverage, but except for the whacked out right wing and the whacked out left wing, almost everyone goes to the tried and true sources for their news. Times, Post, the networks, CNN, PBS, with several magazines for investigative or in-depth pieces. What's positive about Drudge?

I use the site to go to for giggles, to find Molly Ivins from the link collection he's got, and to see if there is a hot little rumor the Republican spin machine is using Drudge to spread (Like that supposed Kerry mistress of a couple weeks ago). I'm not sure there is more value to him than that.

But after reading him, I always rinse and spit.