Thursday, March 25, 2004

Just North of Bummerville

Yeah, just north of Bummerville, CA may be the next battlefield in the Gay marriage war. Yeah, this story, though, takes place in Pleasant Valley, along the road midway between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe.
When California middle school teacher Ron Fanelle was asked by his students if rumors were true that he was homosexual and he had married his longtime male partner, he decided to tell the truth and confirm it all.
Story from Pleasant Valley

Sure, this was bound to happen. What is odd is that it is a fairly balanced story, from World Net Daily, of all places. Their commentary today is Larry Elder, Ann Coulter and Benjamin Shapiro, with stories about Clinton stealing the White House China! Oh joy! So it is odd that this story is balanced. Cold that mean something for this issue, that the conservative press knows that demonizing gays on this issue will backfire, even in towns like Pleasant Valley and Bummerville?

Kids find out that one of their teachers was involved in that juicy news story their parents were talking about. Giggly 6th to 8th graders. They work up the courage to talk to the teacher. GASP! He tells them the TRUTH!

Does this travel across the neo-con blogosphere? Does it make a blip on the Sunday morning talk show radar? I'll bet not. And that in itself is a good story.

Proud to be an American here. No spitting today! Cheers!