Monday, March 15, 2004

For the last couple of weeks the Drudge Report parody site, Smudge Report, has had the following spoof of a headline: BUSH SUPPORTS A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT TO BAN DEMOCRATS?. What's scary is that if one trolls the conservative blogosphere, this stuff doesn't seem so far from reality.

Of course none of us was surprised at the vitriol spewed when Mayor Gary Newsom decided to marry gay and lesbian couples last month in defiance of a California law. The President's reaction to support an amendment to the constitution defining marriage as a Christian institution was not a surprise, but it angers me Mr. Bush wants to deny my neices the legal protections their mothers would have if allowed to marry. This is a pander to the Christian Right, of course, and nobody now thinks such an amendment will pass. Mr. Bush is safe to back it. He won't have the legacy of an amendment driven by hate on his watch, and he's still able to stir up the hate and his base as well.

Which group is next in line for the Republican campaign of division? The Education Secretary already labelled teachers terrorists. Doctors and HMOs give too much money to the campaign. Hmm.

Today it seems that Socialists are on deck, given the conservative blogosphere reaction to the election there. I'm hearing the Spanish people described as cowards, and much, much worse. Here's an excerpt from today's column in CNSNEWS, that right wing internet "news" source, a reprint from the National Anxiety Center's "Warning Signs" column: Alan Caruba's rants (Man, these conservative web sites and blogs sure are incestuous!)

The memories of the Jihadists go back centuries. They see themselves as a vanguard of a new holy war to spread Islam. Spain is just the first stop on the conversion of Europe and America is now just a little more isolated in its effort to confront this enemy.

The al Qaeda dispatch taunted the premier of Spain whose party has been defeated. "Aznar, where is America? Who will protect you, Britain, Japan, Italy and others from us?"

If, in November, America rejects the leadership of George W. Bush and the policy of confronting the Jihad in the Middle East where it is brewed, life is going to become quite grim here. Like the Spanish did on Sunday, we will have signaled retreat and defeat.

It didn't take long for those conservatives to find someone else to hate, did it? Cancel those vacations to Torremolinos! How about that veiled warning, too? Vote out Georgie Boy and we will have lost the War on Terror is the message, and its travelling the conservative blogosphere like jello shots during bike week in Daytona.

There's the first contribution from the SpinDentist. I'll check in a couple days from now.